One of the most obvious things why there are so many people prefers to use Android than IOS is because of the freedoms that are given by Google. We probably know that Android is based on Linux and means that the software or the source itself needs to be open source and we everyone could modify it without any restriction. That is why there are so good things that we can do here, but it’s not available on IOS. I already make some lists of them and it might be interested for you to see.


Android is probably be the king for customization because every single thing can be optimized here. There are so many themes, launchers, icons, and every single aspect. You don’t have to worry because change your theme is very easy here and you just need to install some icons or some launchers and you are ready to go. This is what I really like because I don’t have to be stuck with the same feel again and again. You have to try it if you have an Android.

Delete Unnecessary App

Yeah, we could delete any app that we don’t like in our system as long as we have the right privilege. The OS itself usually comes with many kinds of app and sometimes we don’t like it. Here, we can get rid of them if you don’t love them and you are going to get some more free saves on the system.


We must really know that doing multitasking here is very easy and also effective. They give us a huge chance to do everything at once. Take a look at Samsung’s phone where they have a feature called multi window where the user let to opening two kinds of different apps in one window. Now we can reading any type book and while we could chance the track that we want at the same time. I have tried this feature on my phone and its working really well.

Those are some kinds different things that IOS will never able to do it. Some of them such as launcher, theme, icons and even custom rom are very important features. By adjusting single of them you could get the phone that you really want. We could customize the look and performance that we like, so we would get the perfect phone for our self.